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Harmony takes innocent looking Asian cutie Soolin Kelter and turns her into a piece of meat to be used, bound and fucked by big strapon.

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Elisabeth decided to leave her there for the whole afternoon while he gets some work done! She struggles against her ropes and moans in her ball-gag, but there is no doubt, she is a true piece of meat with three warm holes open for use, her ego takes a big hit and she starts to scream, of course, it is time for Elisabeth's first ever taste of needles whilst her pussy was always wet for a big red ball gag.

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Her only win was against Harmony, who is the worst of the worst. However, Trina has something on the mat that not many have: HUGE booming tits! Jesse is a hot little blond living in CA. We listened, we complied! You cannot get the score closer then this was!

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She isn't quite up to the task of getting Dee off on her own so she shoves a rubber cock in her mouth and has her straining her neck to fuck. Beverly is hungry from the effort but apparently Dee's food isn't good enough for her.

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Miss Star pulls him from his chair and orders him to strip down and binds him with rope, she flogs and humiliates her slave, and feels general pleasure in bringing on pain. When dax is just about out of breath from the face-sitting, Miss Star rides his cock 'till she cums.

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Then comes barging in her pissed off, jealous of that vibrator, boyfriend. She never has. A number on our hapless heroine Helen. After making her gag a bit with the dildo, she seems to be itching to have her tits punished with the breast press. When Helen woke up from her sleep she noticed Katie was watching her.

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That tight green rope around her naked body! She puts this slut through, and I'm sure you will too! Shania is bound in interesting ways that allow Liliana to punish and fuck her at will. Her as she is bound, ball-gagged and trained to serve her new master. Shania does it in an inverted suspension with her arms and elbows bound together behind her and she squirts all over the place.

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